Well, because I am super-limited on time due to being a grad student with a part-time regular job and two art gigs I’m currently doing as well as working on my thesis comic, it would be 2000x awesomer if I could sell a few arts I’ve already done rather than doing nothing but commissions.

ANYWAY.  I am now offering all of the ORIGINALS of these for sale for $25 + shipping.  Thats right, you could own the ORIGINAL FANBOY COULSON, or any of these other goache/colored pencil pieces for a measly 25 united states dollars!  I will personally mount each piece on a small piece of matboard and package it with the utmost care (and insure it) to arrive safely in your hands as the proud owner of THESE AWESOME PIECES OF ART.

If there is a positive response to these I may continue doing them.  I probably won’t take requests, it’ll just be whatever I feel like doing when I have a few minutes to myself.  I may also offer up some of my bigger pieces for sale though they will be slightly more expensive.

PS. signal boosting is also appreciated.  When I know I’ve got over $3800 of bills coming my way this summer and a little over $2000 to pay them with, I need all the help I can get.